Below is an introduction to each brand found in our collection. We take great care in tasting and picking and choosing which brands grace this page. We like to think that if you're a fan of one, you'll likely be a fan of many others. 

You can order online by logging in to your account here or requesting a wholesale account here. Otherwise, you're welcome to email or call us at 206 659 9394. Heck, we'll even take orders over text to 206 659 9394.

Finally, don't hesitate to get in touch with us. If you're here, the best person to connect with directly is probably Bryan. You can reach him at or his direct # 734 904 9877.


&TONIC is an all-natural tonic syrup, handcrafted in Seattle from the freshest ingredients possible. Freshly squeezed limes, lemons, and oranges give &TONIC its burst of citrus, while the bark of Peruvian Cinchona tree not only gives it a beautiful amber color, but also provides an element of bitterness that rounds out this unique and alluring flavor. (Photo Credit: &TONIC)

See the full lineup here.

Addition Cocktail Spices

The ultimate accessory for any bartender or beverage enthusiast, Addition Cocktail Spice and Beer Sauce® let you customize your drinks to suit your exact taste. No chef would dream of cooking without reaching into their spice rack; why should drinks be any different?

See the full lineup here.

Ayako & Family Jams

Mother and daughter duo, Ayako and Alessandra Gordon make all of their jams by hand and source all of their fruit from their partners at Mair Farm-Taki Orchards — a Japanese Organic farm in Washington’s Yakima Valley. Each batch is made with simple ingredients (sugar + fruit + fruit pectin) and with all the love, care, and patience you’d expect out of a homemade jam.

See the full lineup here.

Baia Pasta

Baia Pasta combines the art of traditional Italian pasta making with great American-grown grains: its traditional short cuts of pasta are available in 5 different organic flours (durum, whole durum, spelt, whole spelt, and whole khorasan wheat).

See the full lineup here.

Bee Local

Bee Local

Bee Local is commitment to producing exceptional honey that is sustainably harvested, never heated, treated, blended, or ultra-filtered. Each honey variety offers a distinct and complex flavor profile that reflects the flora, fauna, and forage of its region and is traceable from hive to jar. 

See all of their honey varieties here.

Big Spoon Roasters


Big Spoon Roasters makes handcrafted nut butters from scratch in Durham, N.C. Uniquely fresh, delicious, and nutritious, each small batch is made to order with the best possible ingredients sourced directly from local and like-minded producers.

See the full lineup here.

The Bitter Housewife


Based on patent medicines, bitters are a tincture of fruits, spices, barks, and woods. Hard to drink on their own, a long time ago people added a bit of sugar and some spirits and created the first cocktails. Bitters are important because they are the spice rack of cocktail making. They have the ability to heighten certain flavors in booze and mixers, while also softening others. They even have the power to bring disparate flavors into harmony. The Bitter Housewife carries on the tradition in an all natural, small batch fashion - made in our Portland facility by hand. We source only the best real ingredients from sustainable, artisan producers.

See the full lineup here.

Blank Slate Kitchen


Blank Slate Kitchen is a Brooklyn-based company that crafts unique, sustainably-minded pantry ingredients to help people explore, develop and realize their own kitchen creativity. Our products are crafted in New York in small batches, with the finest quality ingredients we can find. When at all possible, we use organic, non-GMO and fair trade sources.

See the full lineup here.

Bobo's Mountain Sugar

Tina and Skye boil down the springtime sap from 2500 maple trees living on their hillside in Weston, Vermont. All of their sap comes from one sugarbush, so the syrup tastes like Bobo’s Mountain: the soil, minerals, organic material, water and the trees. Bobo's Mountain Sugar is a wood-fired operation, and they use wood sourced either from their land or from their neighbors to ensure their fuel is local. It takes a lively mix of science and magic to make maple syrup, and they wait for those perfect early spring days where night-time temperatures are below freezing and day-time temperatures are above freezing. Then, as the sap is running, they collect it, light up a fire, and boil it down to syrup. When the syrup comes off the pans and you have your first taste of Bobo's Mountain...perfection.

See the full lineup here.

Bonache Hot Sauces

Bonache is certainly not your average hot sauce. Beginning with quality chiles that have flavor in addition to their heat, Bonache adds ingredients you wouldn't expect, such as carrots and fresh lime juice, or cucumbers and radishes. As for the name Bonache (Bo-natch), who knows? It's a word made up by the founder, Marc's three year old son to describe many, many things.

See Marc's full line here.

Bow Hill Blueberry Farm

Bow Hill is on a mission rooted in history. What started as a Blueberry farm in 1947 and is now the longest-running Blueberry farm in Washington's Skagit Valley is now the site of the Soltes family homestead and Blueberry mecca. Since 2011, Harley and Susan have worked tirelessly (as farmers do) to bring the soil back to life and transition the fields to organic, all the while adding beautifully packaged and tasting items like the one above.

See the full lineup here.

Bro Joe's Lil' Salad Dressings

The name captures it all - Bro Joe's Lil' Salad Dressings. There's a lot there, yet #TheGeneralStory of Bro Joe tells it all:

Joe, our bro, has a desk here at Stocked Studios. Bro Joe loves salad. But, as Bro Joe told us one day, "I buy a big bottle of salad dressing, use it once, let is sit in my fridge for two years, then have to throw it out." Well Bro Joe, these lil' 4 oz bottles of salad dressing are for you, and for all the others out there that share the same salad misery.

Turns out Bro Joe is also a simple kinda guy. So, each of the three dressings include just 4 ingredients: 1) organic extra virgin olive oil, 2) white or traditional balsamic vinegar 3) Jacobsen Salt Co. salt and 4) a particular flavor oil (.e.g grapefruit oil). It may honestly be the only salad dressing out there that uses only extra virgin olive oil as its oil.

See the full line here.

Brooklyn Delhi 

Brooklyn Delhi recipes were developed by award winning and New York Times acclaimed chef and cookbook author Chitra Agrawal. Usually achaar is really spicy and really salty, which means you don’t eat a lot of it, but the Brooklyn Delhi recipe highlights the flavor of the vegetables and fruits, as well as the aromatic spices and chilies. Traditionally, achaar is eaten with rice, dal, curry or yogurt, but Brooklyn Delhi’s recipe is super versatile and also pairs well on sandwiches, burgers, eggs, mixed into bowls, soups or noodles, and you can also use it to finish dishes - add a few spoons to punch up your pasta sauce for instance.

See the full line here.

Callahan's Condiments

Michael Callahan has been a fan of hot sauces all of his adult life. He started making them for himself, friends and family many years ago. And so it struck him, why not give it a go as a business. Just like any young fella might do, he went about doing the research. Fast forward to June 23rd, 2015 when he sold his first bottle of Callahan's Habanero Hot Sauce to Corey, the guy he met when picking up his first 500 labels at Northwest Label in Magnolia. Thanks, Corey.

See the full lineup here.

Curio Spice Co.

Based in Cambridge, MA., Curio Spice Co. sources sustainably produced spices from nooks and crannies all across the world. Their unique blends help to tell the stories of the farmers they work with through the beautiful flavor they add to your food. Beyond that, they come in classic spice tins harking back to the days where quality, sturdy, and elegant packaging reflected the same high quality of what is found inside. 

See the full spice line here.

Drinking Buddies Bloody Mary Concentrate

Drinking Buddies is about bringing people together to spend time with each other. It’s a call to get to know each other, share stories, ideas, and thoughts, because when we do, connections are made. And this is exactly how Drinking Buddies came to be. As the story goes, during one afternoon brainstorming session here at Stocked Kitchens, drink in hand, we realized that combining four items we already made right here made a killer Bloody Mary: Callahan’s Worcestershire and Hot Sauce, Mustard and Co., and Quickles pickling brine. So, grab some friends and pour yourself some drinks. Because who knows what's next?

Read a bit more here.


Entube is a set of timeless condiments with modern flavor upgrades, packaged in stunning, easy-to-use aluminum tubes. Take the Harissa with the addition of Amazonian Acerola berry for a hint of sweetness as an example. Like the Harissa, each one is reminiscent of its traditional heritage with a contemporary boost, similar to what you might expect from a chef bringing traditional flavors into the 21st century. 

See the Entube full lineup here.

Eliot's Nut Butters

These flavored nut butters come from our friends in Portland. Started by Michael in the Eliot neighborhood of Portland, these here are not your average peanut butters. Inspired by a moment of brilliance while snacking on a bag of spicy Thai cashews, Michael realized that while flavored nut butters exist, they always tend to be sweet. And so, the bolder, savory side of nut butters was born with the adult palate in mind. Here's to you Michael, you're a genius.

Like their childish counterparts, these peanut butters pair perfectly with just a spoon, yet their unique flavors also mesh well in all sorts of recipes, from Thai food to desserts.

So, go ahed, grab a jar and join us at the big-kid table.

See Eliot's full line here.

Everything on Everything

Everything On Everything owes its existence to the genius who invented the Everything Bagel. Our thought was: why stop with bagels? EOE is everything you need to make everything taste a bit like an Everything Bagel. Sprinkle a pinch on hummus, roasted veggies, white fish, your morning eggs, on salads, pasta dishes, etc. Heck, you can even take a boring plain bagel and turn it into an Everything Bagel :)

See the full lineup here.

Forest Farmstead

The Forest Farmstead is tucked in the North Cascades mountains temperate rain forest. They raise animals, have an orchard and market garden, and sustainably manage thier forest land. They are looking to build their family homestead’s productivity, diversity, and ability to host others.

Terrance is a renewable energy engineer and Erin is trained in resource conservation. Both have a background in agriculture. They have two children Alden 15 and Matilda 8.

They are a modern, sustainable homestead done the old fashioned way. They are located in scenic Rockport, Washington

See the full lineup here.

Georgetown Pantry Supply

Georgetown Pantry Supply is Stocked General Store's in-house brand focusing on a line of pantry staples. With GPS we aspire to offer a line of everyday items that are easy on the wallet and beautiful on the eye, all the while maintaining the same quality we’d want in our very own pantries.

Our flagship product is a perfect example. Georgetown Pantry Supply Raw Honey comes from beekeepers here in the Northwest that have been harvesting honey locally for 40+ years using the best practices known to beekeeping. It carries all the buzzwords when it comes to honey: it's 100% pure, raw and unfiltered honey, and the bee's are never fed high fructose corn syrup. It, like the rest of the line, is incredible stuff.

See the full GPS line here.

Girl Meets Dirt

Girl Meets Dirt was born of the land.  Grew limbs through storms, gained strength with rain, knowledge with history, rootedness with dirt under her fingernails.  Seedlings rose, and bore fruit.  And she watched, curious & hungry, and learned the art of stretching bounty into winter.  This is where the story ends (it always ends) but begins anew – with worn muddy boots and kitchen clogs – a journey in steps, stems, pear seeds, plum pits, and apple flesh.  A journey to the fruit of the matter & back, on one island farmette.

See the full Girl Meets Dirt lineup here.

Hot Winter

Take two hot trends, smash them together and you get our latest addition to the collection, Hot Winter Fermented Hot Sauces. But much beyond the trends, Shaun is dedicated to tradition and preservation. His dedication to keep agriculture diverse has led him to strike up pepper-specific-partnerships with Oregon farms in an effort to use heirloom peppers and help preserve their seeds for years to come. He only uses organic ingredients, and pays fair prices for them, in hopes that he can craft a product that is delicious enough to encourage consumers to help support small independent farmers who make these flavors possible. We can say without a doubt, he’s done it. Not only do the heirloom peppers give way to unique flavors, they offer a wide variety of heat levels. As for the fermentation, it preserves the taste and vitality of the fresh chiles. It also extracts much of the water from the peppers, concentrating the flavor, and thickening the sauce.

See the full line up here.

INNA jam / INNA shrub 

INNA jam/ INNA shrub makes fresh, seasonal jams (and shrubs) from organic fruit sourced within 150 miles of their Emeryville kitchen. By sourcing produce directly from local organic farmers They're able to get the best possible fruit - fruit that’s picked ripe and is absolutely fresh. 

See the full INNA lineup here:

Jacobsen Salt Co.

Jacobsen Salt Co.

Founded in 2011, Jacobsen Salt Co. was the first company to harvest salt in the Pacific Northwest since Lewis & Clark built their salt works in 1805. Since then it has transformed from a local, small business to a nationally recognized brand as America’s leading salt maker. Harvested from the cold, pristine waters of Netarts Bay on the Oregon Coast, their flake and kosher sea salts have garnered worldwide favor for their beautiful presentation and pure taste by professional chefs and home cooks alike.

See the lineup of pure salts, infused salts, candies, and striking gift sets here.

Kansas City Canning Co.

Developed from a mutual love of canning and preserving, Kansas City Canning Co. was created to forge a modern approach to the craft of food preservation. Specializing in pickles, preserves and cocktail goods- Kansas City Canning Co is looking to elevate and stretch the conceptualization of "canned" products- utilizing as much locally sourced produce and product as possible.

See the full KCCC lineup here:


Growing up Korean Americans Mike & Theo were fortunate enough to have families that loved and celebrated Korean food. While at UCLA they became good friends through a mutual love for Korean Food. They founded KPOP with the understanding that their friends loved Korean food as much as they did. So they created KPOP to spread Korean food and flavors to America, and to promote the experience of bringing people together and having fun.

See the full KPOP lineup here:

Krista's Baking Co.

There's two things you must know about Krista. One, she is a gal of action. When she wants something, she makes it happen. Two, she has quite the sweet tooth. So, in 2014, after graduating from college a year early (in and out!) and spending a year doing marketing for an ice cream company, Krista did what she had her heart set on: She quit her 9 to 5 to follow her dream of owning her own business, letting her sweet tooth guide the way. Krista's Baking Co. was born, bringing a bit of class and flavor to essential baking staples.

See Krista's full set of baking extracts and infused sugars here.

Los Roast Hatch Chile

The New Mexico Hatch Chile pepper is unlike any other. Grown in various regions throughout the state, including the famous Hatch Valley, these peppers are known for their subtle spice and delightful flavor. Quality, simplicity, and authenticity are the most important aspects of the New Mexico Chile. These values drive the Los Roast lineup and their mission. From there, they're roasted using traditional methods, peeled and chopped just like New Mexicans have been doing for years.

See the full line of chopped chile and traditional chile sauces here.

Melinda's Ketchups

Melinda’s is famous for its all-natural balance of heat and flavor. Melinda’s Habanero Ketchup continues this tradition by using only the freshest all natural ingredients blended perfectly with the fiery habanero pepper. The result is a rich and tangy Ketchup with a bold flavor. One try and you’ll never use regular ol’ ketchup again.

See the full line of ketchups here.

Mustard and Co.

Mustard and Co. was launched on the basis that good food should be enjoyed in the company of bold condiments. Bold condiments have bold flavors and bold flavor means quality. To achieve superior quality, we stick to a minimum number of ingredients, all of which are recognizable and have great flavor. That means balsamic vinegar in place of distilled white vinegar, extra virgin olive oil in place of a more ordinary one, local raw honey, and salt from here in the Northwest.

And since we eat with our eyes first, bold means striking packaging that grabs the eye, begs for attention and gets the conversation going.

See the full set of Mustards and extras here.

New York Shuk

New York Shuk is an artisanal food company focusing on Sephardic and Middle Eastern Jewish cuisines. As two Israeli-natives, living and cooking in New York City, their mission is to elevate and share the vibrant traditional foods they grew up eating. Their line of handcrafted pantry staples gives YOU the tools you need to bring true Middle Eastern flavor to your kitchen.

See the full set of New York Shuk here.

Other Brother

The Other Brother Company is a Bay Area-based food company founded in 2012 by brothers Ben and Evan. Their award winning and organic goods are delicious - and good for you -hence their slogan, "Good goods." All of their ingredients are grown by them in California or sourced from their friends' sustainable organic farms.

Pok Pok Som

Pok Pok Som drinking vinegar is a refreshingly sweet and tart, fruit and vinegar-based beverage handcrafted in Portland, Oregon using quality organic cane vinegar and fresh whole ingredients.

See the full line of Pok Pok Som here.

Quickles: Pickling Concentrate

Quickles, quite simply, is a pickling concentrate, so that you can make quick pickles, AKA refrigerator pickles at home. It takes all the thinking out and maintains all the fun. All you must do is this: chop up about a half pound of produce, like cucumbers or carrots or boiled beets. Pack them into a pint sized jar. Pour your Quickles concentrate in the jar, and top it off with water until your produce is completely submerged. From there, just let it sit in the fridge for a day or two, then enjoy your own homemade Quickles!

By the way, Quickles is one of our in-house Stocked Kitchens brands, designed and created by our team. If you'd like to see the process in action, pay us a visit here at Stocked Studios.

See the full line of Quickles here.

Raft Syrups

The sweetness of syrups balances the strong taste of spirits, the sour of fresh juice, and the bitter that brings everything together in a balanced cocktail. Just because you're adding syrup doesn't mean your drink is "sweet". All of Raft syrups are made in small batches in their Portland facility with 100% organic cane sugar paired with natural, sustainable, and fair trade produced ingredients. Use RAFT Botanicals with soda water for a delicious natural soda with 50% less sugar per serving than most sodas or as a base for easy craft cocktails at home.

Read more about Raft Syrups here.

Rare Bird Preserves

Rare Bird Preserves are thoughtfully crafted using a proprietary combination of French and British preserving techniques, with only the highest quality seasonal fruit and their own naturally extracted pectin. They craft their products the traditional way, in copper pots with natural ingredients. But tradition stops there - their flavors are anything but. By blending seasonal fruits with herbs, chocolates, and other exceptional ingredients, Rare Bird Preserves achieves unique spreads unlike any others.

See the full lineup here.

Salt Blade


We’re big fans of ethically sourced and ethically made food. There’s the obvious reasons (the ethics), but also because they seem to taste the best. Maybe it’s the peace of mind, but I’d like to maintain that it comes down to better quality and more care put into the final product. This is Salt Blade in a nutshell. They’re the best cured meats we've ever had and it’s no surprise. Bob, the man behind the curing, puts the most amount of care into his cured meats. He sources pork from one farm (Olsen Farms) for complete transparency, as well as their practices. From there, Bob obsesses over the details, mixing in just the right amount spices like toasted coriander seeds as well as fresh ingredients like OJ, followed by the curing process in his custom curing chamber.

Read more about Salt Blade here.

Seattle Canning Co.

Vashon based Seattle Canning Co. is a small batch, farm to jar processor and purveyor of handmade specialty foods and pickled season-fresh produce.

Read more about Seattle Canning Co. here.

Seven Hills

North Carolina has its vinegar style BBQ sauce, South Carolina its mustard style, Texas its basting sauce tradition, and Kansas City its sweet tangy sauce. It's the regional heritage that makes each sauce unique. In keeping with that trend, we introduce Seattle's own style, a cold brew coffee BBQ sauce inspired by coffee dry rubs and designed with Seattle's Coffee Culture in mind. And to tie this sauce to Seattle's history and culture evermore, we've named it Seven Hills, an old nickname given to Seattle for its original seven hills.

Read more about Seven Hills here.

Umami Kushi: Yuzu Kosho


Yuzu Kosho is a Japanese seasoning or condiment paste made from the skin or juice of the yuzu fruit, best described as a cross between a lemon, lime, and grapefruit. It is typically mixed with salt, fresh peppers, and ground into a thick paste.

Read more about Yuzu Kosho here.

Villa Jerada

Villa Jerada is a labor of love and family. Named after their house in Morocco, this line of condiments captures Mehdi's memories of family activity in the kitchen. As he'll tell you, he's been "blessed with a mom who loves to cook and with all modesty she has a reputation for being a good cook." Here you'll find a set of condiments Mehdi's Mom uses to bring the rich flavors of Moroccan cooking to life.

See the full lineup here.


W&P design are changing the food and beverage world, one idea at a time. Their mission? To bring new (sometimes crazy) products to life that will make your everyday encounters with food and drinks more approachable, more functional and, most importantly, more fun!

See the full lineup here.

Wei Pantry

Many Asian kitchen staples are difficult to make – involving deep frying, caramelizing, and pungent aromas. Wei Pantry brings all of those flavors without the heavy lifting. Their products are 100% handmade, all natural, and emphasize local ingredients. People often ask whether their products or recipes are "Vietnamese," or "Chinese," or "French." The answer is all of the above. These products come from countries with complex histories that are reflected in the depth and versatility of their flavors, giving them relevance across the spectrum, from Asian cooking to French cuisine.

See the full lineup here.