We have experience launching brands, bringing them to life, and helping them grow. Check out our "Stocked Brands" collection to see what we've done. Ready to get started? Reach out to hey@stockedgeneral.com to schedule a consultation!

Our Services

  • Branding, packaging, label design, licensing
  • Setting up your supply chain. Ingredient sourcing & vendor relationships
  • Final product creation & co-packing, OR renting production space
  • Distribution
  • Shipping
  • Marketing & sales strategy
  • Business Basics Crash Course

(1) We can help you go from this--your kitchen:
(2) To this--finished branding & products:
(3) To making a difference & being used in real people's pantries:
(4) And reaching the masses:
(5) So you can RELAX, while your food does the talking:

Ready to get started? Reach out to hey@stockedgeneral.com to schedule a consultation.