Food is Pierson’s life, and cooking the catalyst that has fueled his passion. The ultimate truth seeker, he is constantly asking big questions and relentlessly digging deeper to focus on the bigger picture.  He is often heard discussing the importance of farms and to get your hands in the dirt. Farming and cooking are the ways Pierson connects to the world we live in. Farming has taught Pierson many lessons, but the glaring truth is the underlying importance to accessible fresh food. Intuitively he knows that local fresh ingredients are the foundation of delicious and nutritious food.

Pierson studied culinary arts, spent 15 years working in a James Beard Awarded restaurant, and has even cooked for President Obama on multiple occasions. Despite his resume and experience, he still understands how daunting it can be to learn to cook from scratch.  He has made it his focus to pave the road and show how easy it can actually be to provide for oneself and the profound rippling effect that cooking skills can have.

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