Stocked brings the best ingredients into every pantry. Because we all deserve nourishing, delicious food made by caring, honest humans. 

We are a team of farmers, chefs, and food makers that share ideas, resources, and space. We are a grassroots incubator for new and growing food businesses. We make and distribute a variety of small batch items – all with special attention given to transparent ingredients, bold flavors, and striking packaging. We collaborate with 500+ like-minded specialty shops, markets, restaurants, and regenerative food enthusiasts across the nation to bring thoughtfully sourced food to everyone. We know we are more than the sum of our parts, and work together to realize our vision of a resilient food system that bolsters our community and benefits all life.

Stocked was born out of the success of our sister company Mustard and Co. In 2013, Bryan Mitchiner and Justin Hoffman started making small-batch mustard in the back of a commercial kitchen. While growing the business, Bryan took inspiration from all of the other makers in Seattle, and decided that he wanted to share more than bold mustards and here we are! As of November 2019, Stocked General Store is now part of the Locivore Family. Locivore is a Washington Social Purpose Corporation on a mission to bolster the resiliency of local communities through engaging and building regenerative food systems. We know independent farms and producers struggle with finding adequate and affordable distribution. Together, Locivore and Stocked work hard every day to realize our vision of a resilient food system that bolsters our community and benefits all life. We’re focused on closing the gap between sourcing and production of ingredients within local food systems and supporting craft, small-batch makers in the production and distribution of nutritious, shelf-stable pantry and wellness products. Consider us your friendly, local-focused, specialty distributor with regional and national partnerships. 

Our Community

Our food depends on fertile soil and local farms are essential to our daily lives. We partner with local businesses to create sound alternatives to support healthier lifestyles and ensure that regenerative farming practices become a long-term cultural norm across King Country, the Pacific Northwest, and beyond. That means healthy food for our children, thriving rural economies, fertile and productive soil, and a food system that benefits all. Farms make our community a better places to live, work, and play. Please join us in our ongoing support of WA Farmland Trust to create healthy and equitable communities across Washington. When you give to PCC Farmland Trust, you're supporting the health of the communities that define us and keeping farms alive. A gift to WA Farmland Trust directly supports the livelihoods of farmers and ensures each of us is more connected to the food on our plates.

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