Stocked promotes the most thoughtful and unadulterated local ingredients and products for the local community. Consider us your friendly, locally-focused, specialty distributor with regional and national partnerships. 

We are a team of farmers, chefs, and producers who share ideas, resources, and space. We are a grassroots incubator for new and growing food businesses. We make and distribute a variety of small batch items – all with special attention given to transparent ingredients, bold flavors, and thoughtful packaging. We collaborate with 500+ like-minded specialty shops, markets, restaurants, and regenerative food enthusiasts across the nation to bring thoughtfully sourced food to the world.

Stocked was born out of the success of our sister company Mustard and Co. In 2013, Mustard and Co started making small-batch mustard. While growing the business, we decided to share more than bold mustards. 

As of November 2019, Stocked General Store joined Locivore, a Washington Social Purpose Corporation. Locivore & Stocked strive to build and promote thoughtful, unadulterated food chains. We place a strong emphasis on sourcing high-quality, regional ingredients to utilize in our foods and spread throughout the community