We're all about eating great food and we want to make that as easy as possible. Here's how we do that:


You can order right here online. Either login, or submit a new wholesale account application here (it's super short and takes no more than 4.5 seconds). If you have any questions, feel free to email us (orders@stockedgeneral.com) or ring Bryan by phone (734 904 9877). Heck, we can even chat over text (734 904 9877).

Guaranteed Sales

We have a butt load of confidence in our collection. If they don't sell, we'll buy 'em back.

Minimums Free shipping or delivery

Instead of strict minimums, we have order benchmarks that qualify your order for free shipping or delivery. If you decide to order less than the benchmark, we pass along a flat rate shipping or delivery of $10, and we'll cover the rest :) All of the order benchmarks are set based on where they are fulfilled from, and all of that information can be found online here: Shipping FAQs..

Tasting Samples

We know folks love to try before they buy. If you're able to hand out samples, we're more than happy to provide extras on us.

Special Bulk Arrangement

We do have many of these items available in bulk containers for use in the kitchen. Some of the items even have a special arrangement for shops that have a use for both retail and bulk sizes. We're happy to share the details, just ask :)

Lead Time

Though we're typically much faster, we ask that you factor in 7 days before we send your order on its way.

Invoicing and Payment Terms

With each order, we'll email you an invoice as well as include a hard copy in with your order. We ask that you either pay online from the emailed copy or send a check back our way within 14 days of receiving your order. It'll help us bring more in!


Nitty-gritty: everything you need to know about our products. What varieties we have, what size, what they're made of (ingredients), their case count, UPCs, SKUs, and perhaps what you're looking for the most, pricing. Please login to your account and then look for the Nitty-gritty page under the Wholesale + Distribution navigation.