You're Up

We are looking for a highly motivated person to join our sales team and distribution team.

To help you understand what we’re looking for, here’s a little backstory about Stocked: we got our start making an amazing mustard from simple, quality, bold ingredients and called it Mustard and Co., which is now sold in over 500 stores around the country. At some point we realized there was a big need for other condiment items also made from quality, recognizable ingredients and so we created Georgetown Pantry Supply, which is a line of pantry items like Washington raw honey, cooking and finishing oils, and vinegars. Since then we have launched 5 more brands with several more in the pipeline. Many of them can likely be found in grocery stores you already shop at.

With so many brands to manage, bringing them to the masses is becoming a challenge. This is where you come in.

We are searching for the person that can help the sales of one or more of these brands blow up. How will you do that? Well, we have a few ideas, but the right person will bring their own to the table as well. Basically, we want this person to take charge of leading one of these brands where it needs to go and helping it reach its full potential. This could mean:

  • Product/recipe development
  • Small batch production
  • Marketing
  • Connecting with retail buyers around Seattle and around the country
  • Cold calling on potential accounts and lead tracking
  • In-store demos
  • Market events like pop-up shops and holiday fairs
  • Trade shows

For this type of job, we believe it is very important you have these qualities:

  • Highly motivated
  • Self driven
  • Organized
  • Curious
  • Outgoing and extroverted personality
  • Great at talking to people, making connections, building rapport
  • What you don’t necessarily need: experience

Compensation for this role will be a combination of salary and commission based on sales growth. A rock star brand ambassador could gross over $75k per year.

Tell us why you want the gig. Email