Food is fundamental. For some it is at the center of their focus, for others it’s like the paint on the walls - maybe you notice it, maybe you don't. Yet all of us eat or we die.

Born and raised in Alaska, Micah learned about the intense respect that Native Alaskan culture has for their food sources. That interest, and the influence of growing up in a restaurant, led him to explore the world working as a traveling chef throughout Asia, Europe, and the USA. 

Micah sees food as an opportunity to educate and bring people together, to make massive improvements in the quality of our daily life, and increase the health of ourselves and community. He is a co-founder of Locivore, a Washington Social Purpose Corporation and parent company of Stocked General. Locivore’s mission is to bolster the resiliency of local communities through engagement with, and building regenerative food systems.

Today his goal is to create a diet that feeds our whole food system, that enriches our children's lives, and increases the biodiversity of our ecosystems. To do so he blends inspiration from Kaiseki, Native American, rustic Italian, and medieval French cuisines and brings their values to the Pacific Northwest. He can usually be found outside cooking over a wood fire or working on the foundations of a local King County cuisine. More at

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