Our food depends on fertile soil. Please join us in our ongoing support of WA Farmland Trust to create healthy communities across Washington.

Stocked has set out to do one thing: inspire the use of great products every day. As a team of chefs, former farmers, makers, and system thinkers, we know that independent farms and producers struggle with the burden of finding adequate and affordable distribution. We exist to connect producers making and distributing food directly to consumers and the stores they shop in. We also partner with local businesses to create sound alternatives to support healthier lifestyles and ensure that regenerative farming practices become a long-term cultural norm across King Country, the Pacific Northwest, and beyond.

Local farms are essential to our daily lives. As a Washington company, we are proud to partner with WA Farmland Trust to invest in Washington farmland. That means healthy food for our children, thriving rural economies, and fertile, productive soil. Farms make our community a better places to live, work, and play.

When you give to WA Farmland Trust, you're supporting the health of the communities that define us and keeping farms alive. A gift to WA Farmland Trust directly supports the livelihoods of farmers and ensures each of us is more connected to the food on our plates.

Will you please join us in our work to support local farming?

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Photo credit: Karen Wang