From his childhood in the cattle pens of Idaho to his adolescence spent in the wild expanses of Alaska, Dominic has developed a strong work ethic and a deep connection to natural food sources. As a boy on his family’s small farm, he assisted with raising livestock and gained a deep respect for the treatment of animals outside of the industrial farming complex. After moving to Alaska in his early teens, he was introduced to the seasonal cycle of harvesting berries, fish, wild game and other resources. This cycle is not only a right of passage for many people who call Alaska home, but Alaska Native people rely on this subsistence lifestyle as a necessary part of their culture. Dominic is proud to foster this culture alongside his Dena’ina and Yup’ik wife Chrisdene, who’s family has been utilizing these practices on their native land for generations. 

Dominic joined the team in 2016 with the goal of injecting his hard working attitude and love of all things wild to the Stocked bloodstream. Dom manages and fulfills wholesale and shipping accounts, works on product development, and assists in copywriting. When not at the packing table, or out connecting with accounts, you’ll find him throwing discs at the local course, discovering the next great beer in the city with his wife, or in a cuddle puddle with their two dogs Jango and Clover.

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