Our Distribution Philosophy

Having started our own specialty foods company (a la Mustard and Co.), we understand what it takes to get into the best shops around. It starts with the product, which is why we only work with brands that taste out of this world and stand out in a crowd. We think each product should speak for itself, starting with sharp branding to catch the eye and get a conversation going. We leave it to the flavor to steal the show. From there we place a heavy emphasis on sales, because let's face it, as much as the product speaks for itself, its not going to make calls and write emails. Last, but certainly not least, we make sure the numbers pencil out so everyone is set up for success.

Interested in working with us? Read on...

Access to Shops

We have relationships with 350+ shops around the country that love the products we stock. Chances are they'll love yours too.

Amongst the Best

As hinted at above, we put lots of care into the products we include in our collection. We know that if we stick to the best of the best, that’s the reputation we’ll earn. From what we hear, birds of a feather flock together.

Emphasis on Manageable Growth

We know it takes sales to grow. We'll work with you to monitor how quickly you grow, starting with smaller purchase orders at a higher frequency as opposed to larger, irregular, and demanding ones.

New Account Sales & Samples

Unless you'd like us to, we're not here to take over delivery to your current accounts (house accounts). We want to introduce your brand to new accounts and help you grow. We'll promote your brand through our sales channels, take samples to buyers, and follow-up until we get a yes or a no. In effect, we're part broker, part distributor. To support us in this sales effort, all we ask is that you cover the cost of the samples. From our experience, the cost of samples tends to be a small price to pay for greater growth. 


We are big proponents of transparency. We want you to know where your product is being sold, who has seen samples, who likes it, who doesn't, how each store is doing, etcetera. If you're connected the whole way through, we're both setup for success.

Vendor Support

Beyond providing support in sales and distribution, we like to help in other ways as well. Just as we’ve curated a network of fine retailers for our sister company, Mustard and Co., we’ve also put lots of time and energy into establishing great relationships across the vendor spectrum. We’re here to help you as much as we can, whether it’s sourcing bottles, jars, labels, marketing materials, boxes, or anything in-between. All the while we work to bring your costs down and your gross margin up. We see it this way: if we do what we can on our end to create a more profitable business for you, then we’ll both be better off well into the future.


We ask for an average margin of 20%, meaning that if your item wholesales for $5, we’d purchase it from you for $4. If giving up 20% squeezes you pretty thin, we’d still love to chat. We might be able to help in other ways to bring your costs down (see Vendor Support above), making 20% manageable for added growth in return.

Sales Without Distribution

For those that are not local to Seattle, we offer drop-shipping. Rather than asking you to ship your product to us, and then us re-shipping it back out to our retail partners (paying 2x shipping), we have systems in place to have you ship the orders direct to the retailers. Our system ensures things stay simple and easy for all parties involved.

  • We get orders on your behalf, and handle the fulfillment logistics.
  • We pay for and provide you with a shipping label on our account. Since we ship a lot, we pass along low shipping rates, which translates to lower landed costs to the retailer and a more competitive retail price on the shelf. Good for their sales, good for your sales.
  • We invoice the retailer. That means they have just one vendor to manage. They love that.
  • Because you will be handling the actual fulfillment of the order, we ask for 15% to cover our sales efforts and administrative management of the account and order.



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