Having started our own specialty foods company (a la Mustard and Co.), we understand what it takes to bring a spectacular product to life and keep it alive. It starts with the product, which is why we only work with brands that not only taste out of this world, but are equally as beautiful. Next, we work with the best shops around the country that have a passion for the items they offer - if you love it, your customers will too. Last, but certainly not least, we're here to provide the support necessary to set everyone up for success.

Curated Collection

We curate products with stories to tell, and sharp packaging to get the conversation going.

See our collection here.

Easy Ordering

Whatever works best for you. You can order online here by logging in to your account here or requesting a wholesale account here. Otherwise, you're welcome to email orders@stockedgeneral.com or call us at 206 659 9394. Heck, we'll even take orders over text to 206 659 9394.

Darn Tasty Products

We'll leave it there, because we like to let each product speak for itself.

Keep Shelves Stocked

Using data to our advantage, we'll keep an eye on sales and help you manage what's coming in. From there, we'll do everything we can to make it easier on you.

Long Term Brand Loyalty

We work with brands to navigate the early stages, so the smaller companies folks love to support stick around for good.

Keep Things Interesting

We're constantly looking for what's the latest and the greatest. As soon as we find it, we'll share it with you.

Help Drive Sales

Our brands know that sometimes folks need an extra reason to give their product a try. We'll assist in making this happen through demos, promotions, samples, and marketing.

Guaranteed Sales

We have complete confidence in our collection. If they don't sell, we'll buy 'em back.



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