We’re working hard here at Stocked to take our customer experience to the next level. Our goal is to increase transparency and overall user experience to make it easier for you to stock your stores and online sales platforms while strengthening local supply chains.

Our next step is to redesign stockedgeneralstore.com to align with these values. We’ll roll this out over the next month. Here are the changes you can expect to see:

1. Product and shipping charges will be shown separately. We used to offer “free shipping,” but in reality the shipping cost was built into the product price you saw when you logged into the site. The price you saw differed depending on where you are located to partially accommodate for shipping.

We believe that system simply didn't offer the transparency we value. Now product prices will no longer include shipping. This means you will no longer need to login to see product prices. You’ll notice that product prices will be lower than what you are used to (since the shipping charges are now separate). Everybody will see the same product prices no matter where they’re located.

At checkout, you’ll be charged shipping based both on where you’re located and where the products you’re ordering are shipping from. Some of our products ship from our warehouse in Seattle. Others are drop-shipped from our vendors across the country. You will pay more shipping for products farther from you and less for products closer to you. These shipping charges are based on product weight and live shipping rates from our shipping partners. Our website update will also feature each product point of origin. This will allow you to be more aware of how far each product will travel in order to reach you. 

If you order products from multiple vendors, each with a different point of origin, you can expect to be most affected by the change. We will now calculate the shipping cost from each of these points of origin to you and charge you a blended shipping rate that accurately accounts for our shipping costs. 

2. More ways to pay. Previously you could only pay by purchase order. Now you're able to pay via credit or debit card, PayPal, or the purchase order option you’re already familiar with.

​3. Easier first time orders. New customers are now able to shop our full catalog, place an order, and create an account instantly rather than having to talk to us first. While you are already a valued customer, this makes it easier to share us with your friends since there will be less barriers to getting started.

4. New look and shopping experience. By June, we’ll have a new look to our website that makes it easier to browse our catalog and find products relevant to your business. This new look will feature a better brand menu, revamped product categories, and themed product collections based around holidays like Cinco de Mayo and activities like grilling.

5. New URL - stockedgeneral.com Last but not least, we’ll be dropping ‘store’ from our URL and going live at stockedgeneral.com to better fit our brand and keep things short and simple. The old URL will still work, but you’ll be redirected to this new one.

Please email us at hey@stockedgeneral.com with any questions or feedback you have! We are confident these changes create a better shopping experience for you and align us more with transparency.

Micah Mowrey