Sweet new brand: Bobo's Mountain Sugar (Maple Syrup)

With the last boil coming in just a couple weeks ago, this season's maple batch is all bottled and ready to sweeten your life. And while many maple operations have turned to commercial practices for efficiency sake, Bobo’s Mountain Sugar has stuck to tradition, for flavor sake. Their story tells all...

All of Tina’s sap comes from one sugar bush of 2500 maple trees on their Bobo’s Mountain hillside in Weston, Vermont. Because the sap comes from a single sugar bush, it tastes like Bobo's Mountain; the taste is strikingly reminiscent of springtime smells on Bobo’s Mountain.

Determining the right time to tap the trees takes a lively mix of science and magic, and Tina and her crew wait for those perfect early spring days where night-time temperatures are below freezing and day-time temperatures are above freezing.  When it’s time to turn sap into syrup, Bobo's Mountain Sugar prefers the old fashioned way, using a wood-fired sugar shack fueled with wood sourced right from their backyard.

All that gives Bobo's a unique and authentic maple taste unlike any other.

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