Stocked Birthday Brunches

We're a team of entrepreneurs. We're self-starters, we're down to do the dirty work, and we often are at the office way too late. It's the small business grind that can make us crazy, yet we love it. We love Stocked and have a lot of pride in it, and while it isn't always glamorous we wouldn't change a thing. 

We're seven folks, producing six different product lines in house and distributing to 500+ stores nationwide. We all work really well together, and have become close friends, making work not always feel like work. And we have an awesome tradition, Stocked Birthday Brunches. 

Stocked Birthday Brunch is a tradition that started shortly after moving into our warehouse space in January 2016. It's a way for us to turn off for a bit, cook food together in out tiny little kitchenette, set up a potluck in our meeting room, and celebrate each other. It's a way to take a step back and be super thankful that we've all met, and that we get to go through this small business journey together.

Here's some photos from our last birthday brunch, where we celebrated TWO birthdays, for Bryan and Dom. Cheers!


Now, check out this collection of our favorite brunch items, which can often be found on our Birthday Brunch table, and use the code "BDAYBRUNCH" to get 15% off of all items in the collection.



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