New Cocktail Condiments: Golden Bear

Golden Bear’s philosophy is one that’s easy to get behind. Golden Bear makes bitters and tonics using herbs, citrus and bitter roots grown exclusively on the California coast. They believe bitters and tonics taste and function better when they do not contain any artificial flavors, preservatives, chemicals, or dyes. They believe flavor and medicinal compounds are found in the entire plant; leaf, flower, stem, roots are used in our infusions. And finally, they try to capture the most vibrant flavor by processing our selected herbs into bitters, tonics and syrups within 24 hours of harvest. The herbs used in their bitters and tonics are grown on their very own small vineyard farm in the hills of Carmel Valley. They source organic citrus from the Eichorn family at Country Flat Farm in Big Sur, and dandelion root from Serendipity Organic Farms, also in Carmel. They say, “our ingredients are selected because they are flavorful and easy to grow in the California coastal climate.”

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Shipping and Order Note: To help save on the final landed cost, rather than having Golden Bear ship product to us and then to you (i.e. 2x shipping), we have them ship direct to you. For free shipping on orders of Golden Bear, please order 24+ units. Otherwise, if you prefer to order less, shipping is just a flat $10.


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