New Brand: Barnacle Foods

Barnacle Foods is a brand of salsas and pickles made using kelp harvested off the coast of Southeast Alaska. Take a look at the pictures below and you'll see, they're like fisher(wo)men, but for algae. One could say their catch is vegetarian, though technically, algae is neither a plant or an animal. Who knew? And yea, it's kelp, but don't hesitate - their line of 4 salsas and 2 pickles have found their jars mentioned in Food&Wine, NPR, and The Washington Post, among others. My favorites: the Bonfire Salsa (hot) and Curry Kelp Pickles.

Starting with the kelp, Matt + Lia go to great lengths — and depths — to capture the essence of Southeast Alaska by using locally grown, harvested and foraged ingredients. In harvesting wild ingredients, their priority is to make the least impact on the environment and keep the resources we rely on as healthy as we found them. They are stewards of their environment and want to make sure these resources continue to be available for future generations.

For a closer look, please browse the collection online here, and don't forget to login for wholesale pricing and purchasing.

Wholesale Order and Shipping Note: Barnacle Foods ships from Stocked HQ. All combined orders of $200 or more shipped from Stocked HQ ship on us. Orders under the $200 benchmark come with $10 flat rate shipping.

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