New addition: W&P Carry On Cocktail Kits

Whether you or you're customers are flying to their in-laws or off to Hawaii for the holidays, everyone is gonna need a drink. For the way there, and the way home. Enter W&P Carry On Cocktail Kits. Satisfy your mid-flight cocktail cravings in style, and in good taste with the W&P Carry On collection. Each TSA-compliant cocktail kit contains all the cocktail condiments you need to craft two top-shelf drinks mid-flight, from a Margarita to a Hot Toddy. So whether you're in first class or stuck riding middle between talking-Tom and armrest-stealing-Stanley, at least you'll be sipping on Cloud Nine.

For individual listings, browse the full collection here.

Order and Shipping Note: To help save on the final landed cost, rather than having Golden Bear ship product to us and then to you (i.e. 2x shipping), we have them ship direct to you. For free shipping on orders of Golden Bear, please order 24+ units. Otherwise, if you prefer to order less, shipping is just a flat $10.

W&P Carry On Cocktail Kits

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