The General Story of Stocked

We love stories here at Stocked. Really, who doesn’t love listening to The Moth on Saturday afternoons? Or the stories we share on a couple’s wedding day. They’re all good - except for the ones that aren’t.

But back to the point here. It’s true, we’ve set out to do one thing: inspire the use of great products everyday. And to us, great products have great stories. They come from people who have spent countless hours mastering their craft or from folks who are just getting started because they’ve always wanted to. The products themselves have a story, whether it’s in their raw ingredients or in their history. And as a whole, their businesses are working on their own story, day by day, effort by effort.

Our goal is to not only tell the stories of the products and businesses we have here, but also share the stories of others that we discover in our day-to-day findings. Better yet, we want to hear from you about the products and businesses you love. Or perhaps you have your own story and business to match. It’s all good - we want to hear it and share our favorites here.

From time to time we’ll tell The General Story post by post here on the blog. Whether it’s recipes or restaurant recommendations, products we carry or products we buy, people we meet or people we share
HQ with, and last, but not least, we’ll fill in more and more of #TheGeneralStory of Stocked and our ambitions for the future. Stay tuned. 

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